Checklist for Packing Backpacks / Camp Bags

Download Checklist (PDF)
Physical form with a complete immunization record MUST be on file by May 31st
A water bottle filled with water that can be re-filled during the day (straw or flip-topcovers work well for younger campers)
Two to three, clean, 2-ply masks with ear loops/head strap; we recommend a face mask lanyard
Snack (for morning snack time) in a separate bag with camper’s name on it
Lunch in a separate bag/box with camper’s name on it, please include an icepack if thefood is perishable
Towel (for day campers and full day tennis campers) Please label ALL clothing/towels
Bathing suit (for day campers and full day tennis campers)
Swim goggles (suggested but optional for day campers traveling to the pool)
Sweatshirt to keep in their camp bag for cooler days
Extra undergarments and clothing for younger campers (grades PK-4)
All medication must be in the original pharmacy labeled container and accompanied by a note from a parent/guardian giving the camp medical personnel permission to administer it to the camper
Sneakers and socks are required as a safety measure for athletic activities